Monday, September 10, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Cooling down in the kitchen

My kitchen has been so laid back this week. I made dinners each night but nothing new, no faceless recipes or dishes I just had to try. I am waiting for my activity kit to arrive so I can get started on this months activities. It sounds like it is going to be a fun month with the new products we are going to try. For this past week however it was mostly quick and easy comfort food.  I have photos of my 2 favorite of the week.
 1st up was inspired by Lillian Russo and the commercial she did for McCormick special spice blends. I didn't have the spice blend but I had the spices to make the blend my self. The infomercial had enough of the recipe directions that I was able to mimic the chicken, tomato, and pasta dish that looked so yummy on film. You cook the chicken and tomato on a baking sheet together in the oven and then mix with pasta. I loved the out come.
number 2 is a dish my family calls "slum gully" it was a family favorite and was made many different ways depending on what was in the cupboard. There were some basic ingredients that were always in this recipe or idea of a recipe. On a good week there would be beef and canned tomatoes in the elbow macaroni, along with onion and tomato paste. On a bad week it could be elbow macaroni, with onion and ketchup. Sounds awful I know but it really wasn't. Most of the time there was always a can of tomatoes in the house. That was a staple in my mom's home. Well I made it like a good week. I always add ketchup and use less paste, but that is just a personal memory kind of thing.
Comfort food and memories.
 While I have been quit in the kitchen Bill has not. The peppers are in and I have been slicing and dicing the bells and freezing them. Bill has been being very creative with his cherry bombs. He has spent days working on a recipe he got from a friend for stuffed cherry peppers. First he had to clean and seed them then put them in a brine for like 2 days. Then add lemon juice to the brine and soak some more. Next he stuffed them with provolone and very thin Italian ham, he placed them in mason jars with garlic cloves and some herbs,he covered the peppers in olive oil and put the lids on the jars. In a week they will be ready to try. Hopefully I will also have permission to share the recipe by then as well. Until then I did take a picture of the jars filled the with yummy looking goodness.
Good job Bill the peppers look so good.


  1. Your "slum gully" sounds very much like the dish my family calls "humbolt stew" - a very good staple, and pretty easy to prep. I enjoyed your post and will come again!

    1. Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it. I like that dish a lot. it taste so good.