Sunday, September 16, 2012

At last my activities begin

I have been slacking on my blog I know. I still don't know what to feature for the months of fall and the winter season. I should be prepared months in advance with pictures and text I know, but I have been doing this day to day and up until now it was working for me. So I am still thinking and thinking and still coming up with no ideas. While I have been slacking on this page I have not been slacking in the kitchen.
  Allrecipe has been in the kitchen with me all week as well. Some of my dinners are part of the activities for this month and some of my dinners were just from searching recipes on the site and liking what I read.
 Our activities this month is among other things Progresso Recipe Starters. There are a verity of flavors and so far I have tried 2 of them.Both of them got 5 star ratings from me. Not only were they quick and easy to make and easy on the purse they where so tasty. Just wait till you hear how tasty.  " Disclosure: The information and free Progresso Recipe Starter products were provided by Progresso through the Allrecipe Brand Ambassadors program. All opinions expressed here are freely given and my own."
Before I get to the recipe starters let me tell you about the lovely Lemon Baked Pork Chop. What a yummy recipe. I over did the lemon by having pasta in lemon sauce, and lemon zested broccoli. Even still it was a delicious dinner. I will be doing it again soon I am sure. I will lessen the lemon only a little. It was overpowering to a point and it still was a refreshing meal with a wonderful punch of flavor.
Baked Stoy Lemon Chops
You can see how tender the pork chop turned out and the flavor was so good.Lip smacking good. 5 stars all the way.
 My first activity this month was a meat loaf made with the Progresso Recipe Starter and a cup cake pan. It was extremely good, even Bill my meat loaf not loving man really liked this dish. He normally doesn't like tomato sauce in the meat but he liked this one. He went back for seconds and thirds, good thing I put 2 meat cakes aside for photos.
Cheese Stuffed Mini Meatloaf

The meat was moist and tender, and the Tomato sauce was mellow and rich in flavor. I will use it again for this recipe and many others.
  My second recipe in this months activities was also a Progresso Recipe Starter. This time it was chicken with a creamy sauce and it was so so so good. Do you want to know how good? Yes? Well I will tell you then, it was so good that I had to tell the teacher the dog ate my home work. That is right there is no photo from me to go with my review because Bill ate all of it before I could get my camera set. I told him to not eat what was set aside, well he ate every bite in the kitchen. Oh I was not happy, until I thought about it. I get to make this again soon. Trust me I will make extras and put them out of site. This also got a 5 star rating from me. 
Progresso Creamy Chicken Piccata
 Can't wait to have this dish again and to try some more of the Progresso Recipe Starters.


  1. I have only made the bacon mac & cheese so far. I haven't decided what else to make yet! Glad you enjoyed your Chicken Piccata!

  2. I've seen coupons for them, are they sauces?

    1. Yes they come in a can and there are dozens of recipes for them. They are worth having on hand for a quick fix when you need one.At least the 2 I have tried are. I am trying another one tonight and I will let you know.