Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Seattle, Folk fest & Food

In the morning I leave for Seattle Washington to help celebrate Allrecipe.com's 15th birthday. The trip is Allrecipes gift to its Allstars. I am so excited.
 My Camera has been packed since Monday. I have not worried about photoing dinner as I pack for my 3 day cross country trip. Dinner has been repeats and boring to write about since Sunday night. Still good food just written about before.
 Sunday I attended the picnic orientation for folk fest. Orientation a must for every volunteer, the picnic is the best orientation. While there I asked a friend of mine if she had read my blog about the rice spinach squares. She hadn't so I started to tell her about it an she said "Why aren't you working for me?" She is the head of the Annex and does a great job. Well that question propelled into an action and I am now a cook in the folk fest annex for the Philia folk fest. I am so happy. I have for longer then I can remember been a Field Supervisor ,an important and very detailed job. When Darla suggested that I work for her I am not sure why I just knew I would love to make the change. 
 I find it funny or coincidental that every thing in my life is becoming all about the food. I am about to board a plane, (one of my biggest fears ) for food. I changed a job I have done forever for food. 
 I am not sure how to end this  in fact I think this is not an ending but a beginning and I should say stayed tuned.   

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