Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/11/2012

Well I can't say I wasn't warned. My first stab at a souffle was not right on the money. It tasted good and had good texture but didn't rise like it should have. My friend told me that humidity could totally interfere with the results I was trying to get,she was right it did.
  All day the humidity was low to medium and very bearable. That is right until I was getting ready to cook and then boom with out notice it got oppressively hot and sticky,even the dogs were sweating and I hadn't even turned on the oven yet.Being a person that doesn't switch gears easily I continued on with my souffle thinking it will be fine.
  I am not the best baker in the world,I still try now an again anyhow and have learned a thing or 2 to make it easier and help to get the results that I want. I gathered all the ingredients and tools I was going to need together before I did anything else.This helps me to focus and not get a head of myself and make stupid mistakes.Also I have limited counter space and premeasuring helps free up a good deal of acreage and it means I get to use all the cute little bowls I have collected over the years.I turned on a fan to help keep the kitchen cool (well almost cool)plugged in my computer and got to work. I read and reread the directions a few times so that I had it all but memorized knowing that once you start making the souffle you can't step away for a second or something will go wrong.I didn't step away and every thing went fine. What was suppose to be smooth and thick was, what was suppose to be light and fluffy was and my egg whites were perfectly stiff.I mixed it all together poured it in the prepared dish and with fingers crossed I put it in the oven and closed the door. I resisted the urge and didn't open the door again until the timer said I could.
When I open the oven door I have a very pretty golden brown flat spinach souffle.Is it still a souffle if it doesn't rise?
 Here is the recipe I used and while my souffle didn't rise to the occasion this time I will try this recipe again.
Now a look at my first attempt to make a spinach souffle.

 It tasted very good,we enjoyed it flat and all. 

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