Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Was Dinner 06/04/2012

Unlike the night before last nights dinner took planing and prep work. It was well worth it.
  As you know I am a brand ambassador for allrecipe.com and I have activities each month. If your not sure what it means,it simply means that I am 1 of over a 100 men and women that cook,picture,taste and review recipes on the website,nope I don't get paid or anything I do it for the fun of it. This months recipe groups all look good and fun. While reading my email and looking at all the recipes and drooling a little I decided on dinner. Dinner was all about recipes and required more then a few steps,even still it was easy and fun.
  The first thing I had to do was go in the garden and pick Strawberries for the muffins, then after that a trip to the store for a few things I needed. Home again I have it all planned out step by step in my head.
   Step 1 mix the marinade and get the meat into the marinade.
Step 2 chop the peppers,remove the corn from the cob and put together the corn casserole.(don't look the recipe up until after you make the dish)place in fridge next to the chops.
As you see this is not a allrecipe recipe but thats ok it goes well with this meal.(I didn't get it exactly right but close and still good.)
Step 3 Mix together and bake the strawberry and lemon muffins.
Set a side to cool.
Step 4 Fix a tall glass of iced tea and have a seat nothing more is needed until the spouse comes home.
Step 5  Put casserole in preheated oven or grill and enjoy cocktails with a loved one.
 Step 6 prepare the Brussels sprouts with lime zest and fennel seed and put on the stove to steam
 Step 7 Put the chops on the grill,go enjoy another cocktail with that loved one. (don't for get to flip the meat)
Step 8 Fill up the plates and take pictures before its to late.

Step 9 Serve and devour.

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