Monday, May 7, 2012

What was Dinner 05/07/2012

Tonight I made French Dip, I make this recipe a few times a year and as the recipe suggest I follow it to the tee and I am never disappointed. I do add an onion to the pot but that doesn't count.
    I love that you put this dish together in the morning throw it in the crock pot and don't think about dinner again until it is almost time to eat. 
While I follow this recipe as written when cooking I do think it is ok to change up what happens in the bread. Like tonight I decided spinach would be a good addition and would round out our dinner very nicely.
 So to prepare our rolls I layered them with Swiss cheese,spinach,beef and another layer of cheese and a little salt and pepper to taste.

The outcome being a sandwich full of flavor ,texture and color. The meat as always is so tender and juicy,the cheese melts just right spreading its pungent taste through out the sandwich melding nicely  with the tangy greenness of the spinach and the rich brown warmth of the meat. The addition of the sweet and succulent onions is like adding jimmies to your ice cream cone,taking it from plain to extra special.
  To go along with our very good sandwich I served sweet potato fries. They were good but not as good as our neighbors last night. I think the crinkle cut has a lot to do with the texture and taste,even still my fries were very tasty. 
 I had been craving french dip for about a week and twice while out to lunch we ordered it only to be so very disappointed with salty, slightly burnt tasting dip and processed or dried out beef. There is nothing out there like  this recipe. I will not waste my time or money again when I want French Dip I will just make my own  and know I am getting the best. Besides what you can do with the leftovers is absolutely amazing and a whole other blog .                               

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