Monday, May 7, 2012

What was Dinner 05/06/2012

Dinner tonight was a good old cook out with the neighbors.
    We didn't do any thing fancy in fact we didn't even think much about dinner and what to make. After working together to get some yard work done, our friend says lets just put some burgers on the grill and call it a day. So that is just what we did.
 While the burgers and  sweet potato fries sizzled happily on the grill and in the oven we all enjoyed a cocktail together and a nice relaxing conversation peppered with a good amount of laughter.
 The conversation and good times continued on at the dinner table where we enjoyed the first burgers of the season. The burgers were expertly cooked to a pretty pink center topped with a healthy serving of cheese and dressed simply in mustard, ketchup and the bun allowing the burger itself to be the star of the show.
 The sweet potato fries were of the frozen verity and very very good. So good in fact I will be calling the neighbors to find out what brand that was. They were crinkle cut, lightly seasoned and they cooked up nice and crispy in the oven. I like a good sweet potato fry but I find most frozen brands cook up limp and soggy and have very little flavor. I don't order them in a lot of restaurants because they end up being served limp and greasy.  So the fries were a very pleasant addition to the meal.
  The broccoli is not photoed but it was Delicious, served just slightly steamed(because we forgot to turn the flame on under the pan) so that while the vegetable was not raw it was extremely crunchy  and full of flavor actually kind of fun to eat. 
  There is nothing better then a simple care free cook out with friends,what a perfect way to end the weekend!!!!                                                                                                

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