Monday, April 30, 2012

What was Dinner Sunday 04/29/2012

I was trying to be lazy so a 1 pan dish that cooked in the oven with out stirring or supervision was the dinner for me.
  So a thin layer of mayo spread on chicken leg quarters and then a dipping into seasoned bread crumbs was all I needed to do before placing the meat into my cast iron skillet.I added sweet potatoes and onions cut in quarters,covered the pan with foil and placed in a 425 degree oven. 30 minutes into cooking I removed the foil and continued to cook til the bird legs were done.
      While the oven was doing its thing I sliced a tomato and placed it on our plates. I cooked corn on the cob. trying something new with the corn I added honey to my boiling water. Not sure but I think the corn was the best I ever tasted. I will try the honey again that is for sure.                                                                              
                                             One of my favorite dinners.To eat as well as cook!                                                                                                    

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