Friday, May 4, 2018

Chapter 7

 Chapter VII
Once Lily Mea got back to the camp site she began to notice subtle changes in just about everything. She noticed her freedom to move around as she pleased was now being restricted somewhat. She was walking with Baby Bonnie cooing and singing to the happy baby, heading for the edge of the lake to sit on it's edge and enjoy the sunset; when one of the braves stepped in her path shaking his head no and pointing for her to turn back into the camp. Shrugging her shoulders Lily Mea did as she was bid and gave it little thought. As evening turned into night and Bonnie was down for a good long sleep; Lily Mea once again found herself and her freedom restricted. Walking quietly by herself along the edge of the forrest is Lily Mea's favorite past time, and on this night for the first time since arriving at this spot Lily Mea was not allowed to walk alone. Following quietly behind Lily Mea was Reo. Returning back to her lodging after an unsettling walk in the fresh night air Lily Mea was disturbed to see that her hut now had a guard. It didn't take Lily Mea long to figure out she wasn't the only one to see Joe.
    Joe had no way of knowing that things had changed for Lily Mea, as he watched from his perch up in a tree not to far from the camp. He assumed what he was watching was  normal. 
   Lily Mea wasn't aware that Joe was close enough to observe the camp and its habits, but she did know she needed to find a way to warn him that he wasn't safe, that she wasn't the only person to see him. How, that was her big question, a question she had no answer for. Whatever the answer was Lily Mea knew she needed to find it and find it fast for Joe's safety.  As Lily Mea settled into her furs for the night her mind was spinning with ideas, but none of them seemed good enough to help warn Joe.

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