Sunday, January 1, 2017


Lately the urge to write has been banging at the back of my brain. The urge is vague and unclear ,but it is there no doubt about it. Writing, spinning a tale are heavily upon my thoughts.
      I started my blog on a new years day; so it seems fitting I try my hand at the key board on the same day many years later. Technically it is now the 2nd of January and the I have had a glass or two of cheer, but that doesn't change the fact that my desire for writing has been nipping at my heels. 
  So what do I write about? Really what? I have a short story going that needs the middle finished, and the end started. I am just drawing a blank; well not a blank really I have ideas, I just can't get them from my head to the key board to the screen. So it has been no writing from me about anything. At last, just now as I type this I  understand,  I need to finish the story, I need to wrap it up and complete my project. I am a quilter and unlike most quilters I can't start a new project until I finish the first project. In other words I can't start a new quilt until the other quilt is finished, it is the same with writing, I can't write about anything until I finish my story, until my heroine and hero find their ends. I can blurb a small comment here and there but I can't start something new until I finish the old. 
  I truly miss spinning my stories, be it food, photography, my travels through life , or a story I just made up, I miss spilling out a portrait  of words .  So while I am not making a New Year Resolution I am making a New Year Wish ; For ideas and a clear path to finish the old, so I can bring forth the new with the magic of words and photographs. 
     Kind of a new years resolution ; yes ?

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