Monday, January 26, 2015

A Grand Opening In Mount Holly!

 Not to long ago I wrote to you about the newest restaurant in Mount Holly. There was nothing but good things to be said about this Mom and Pop restaurant. I hate calling Kitchen87
a restaurant, other than paying your bill and the happy staff that brings all the delicious goodness to your table, you would think you were in a friends kitchen.

  Hubby and I are indeed regulars we make it there on average once a week. Hubby and I are working our way through the menu one entree at a time. We bounce between the Breakfast and Lunch menu and do our best to order something different each time we visit. I have cheated a few times and gone with the Ruben. It is truly one of the best around. making a special trip on Tuesday for the French Onion soup is an absolute must. It is impossible to like everything you try but so far The Hubby and I have left full, happy, and completely satisfied. 

   I can't think of a friendlier place I have ever eaten at. The staff and customers alike are chatty and happy to see you. If your shy walking in the front door of Kitchen87 might take you back a bit because everyone turns to see who is coming through the door. The staff says hello and invites you to chose your seat and all the other patrons are nodding, smiling, and saying hello as well.

 Before you know it your chatting away with people you already know or making new friends. It is a great experience, one I am happy I didn't miss.

  This past Saturday was the Grand Opening. The soft run is now over, the menu has been set, kinks and little glitches have been worked out, a wonderful cook and wait staff have been honed into a efficient smooth working team ready to make your visit the best they can. 

  The Grand Opening proved to all who cared to look that Kitchen87 is doing something right and they are here to stay. I missed the ribbon cutting by minutes much to my disappointment. I walked through the door and was greeted by room full of happy diners. Every table, booth, and stool was taken. As busy as  Kitchen87 was the staff happily passed out samples between taking orders, passing out checks, and busing the tables.

 Melo, she lived right up to her name and if she was freaking out in any way the happy diners never knew it.

 I didn't mind standing, in fact it gave me a chance to take the  few pictures scattered in this post. I don't know where my head was I took not a single picture of all the great food coming out of the kitchen, and there was some very picture worthy food coming out those doors. The soup plate that was being sampled with 5 different soups and a chili (all homemade) was a sight of beauty and even tastier than it looked.  It would have made a photo to drool for, thats okay getting good pictures of the staff doing their thing made me happy.

 If you haven't had the chance to try out this new and very cool eatery you should do yourself a favor and visit Kitchen87, Mike, Melo, and their friendly staff. They are open at 6:00 AM till 2:00 PM and if you are like me and sometimes like a burger for breakfast you can get it no problem. 
 A few weeks ago I asked Melo to let me interview her for an assignment I needed to do. She was nice enough to say yes. I really enjoyed the short 15 minutes we spent chatting.Interview with Melo

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