Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Victorian days in the Park & Dinner

 Well I am still stuck on Wow what a weekend. Good thing to because I haven't taken a photo since Sunday. Well I took a photo of dinner on Monday but just barely. I have been busy in the garden getting it finished, trying to anyway. I have a bit more to go and when all that is done my seedling trays should be ready to plant. A wee problem there though. I have run out of garden space. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.
  Sunday morning we were visiting farms in search of Cherry Bomb plants, that we did find. Sunday evening we grilled with friends. The entire day was fun and I told you all about it, well almost all about it. I left out the afternoon, and not because I was napping. No I was enjoying Victorian Days at the Smithville park with my Mom.

   There was a little bit of everything happening around the mansion. Something for everyone. I walk the trails in this park often they are some of the best for sure, but I don't get near the mansion area often. The mansion was open for tours but the stairs would have been more then Mom could handle so we enjoyed all the activity outside the mansion. Mom found a Barbershop Choir to sit and enjoy.

 While she was doing that I did what I like to do best. I took pictures. 
    There were jesters of all kinds. Some juggled, some told bad jokes and sang even worse songs making everyone young and old laugh and giggle. Some were not camera shy. How is it possible to look like you are photo bombing a photo that you are the subject in? I am not sure but the one jester certainly seems to me to be photo bombing his own photo.

 Do you agree?

 All around the mansion grounds you found actors and actresses dressed for the times. I saw a proper lady, a man with his dog, a women giving tea etiquette lessons, even a school teacher. There were games for the kids to play and maids to watch over them, as well as magic shows and puppet shows to thrill the young and the old. I was not able to get to the puppet show but I heard the crowd and really wished I had been able to get there.

 I did see the magic show and what fun that was, he had everyone smiling and the little ones all but rolling on the ground laughing. When you see teenagers paying rapt attention and walking away going " man that was cool" you know it was good. 

   Just as the magic show winds down I notice I no longer hear the barber shop choir singing. I go get Mom who has some how managed to find the only yarn vendor on the whole property. She is so funny when it comes to yarn. After a good look at the yarn we wander down the hill a ways heading to the court yard. There we find dancers waltzing and doing some polkas too.

 The crowd was thick but Mom got us right up front with a little help from her walker. She was determined that she was going to see the dancers and she did. 
  You know if there are flowers to be found I will capture them in my camera and Sunday afternoon was no different. I found flowers and they have been beautifully captured.

 It helps they are beautiful to begin with.
  " What Was Dinner " Monday we used up what was left from Sundays grilling. All good stuff and better the second time around. I added fresh picked asparagus to the menu that I had gotten at Lone wolf's farm. It was so tender and delicious we were eating it raw in the field, once it was cooked it was finger licking good.

 Not often you hear that about a vegetable, but it is true in this case. Saturday I used some in an omelet for our dinner with the same finger licking good results. Monday I melted this concoction of roasted garlic and butter that Dziadzi put together the night before, in a saute pan added a little red wine, chicken stock and the asparagus covered and cooked over medium heat until the asparagus was tender. I shook the pan a few times to turn the asparagus and checked it every 7 minutes or so by 12 minutes I was happy with the texture, we like ours to be tender cooked through with just a little crunch left. The asparagus dressed up the leftovers perfectly adding another wonderful flavor to my plate.

  Happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.  

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