Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Little of This A Little of That & Dinner

 Welcome to the weekend! It wasn't a very exciting week. No big projects, walks or other outings, just a whole bunch of stay at home and do what I always do. 
  The weather was nice Wednesday and Thursday. Warm and slightly cloudy. Perfect days to be outside and I was. So was my camera.

 Wednesday my Niece and her little charge stopped by to say hello and play. While the girls were out playing with the bubbles I made up for them, I caught Domino doing what I call his happy dance. I snapped a dozen pictures at least but I will spare you the proud mama with more pictures then space and only share a few.

 There is nothing better then watching a dog just flop down and start rolling. It is just so basic and joyful.


 As much as I wanted to be outside every waking moment I did have to come in and get a project done that I started last weekend with Madeline. I like to sew and Madeline's new machine is a hoot to play with. The pattern for the curtains is beyond simple, because well there is no pattern. Just 2 panels and a valance. All total 6 straight stitch seams. Sounds simple doesn't it. Nope some of the hardest material ever. You name it, if it could go wrong it did. I did manage to put the curtains together and the bathroom has a fresh look to it. 

  My seedling trays are busting out all over. I must confess I made a mistake and got impatient. Trays I planted with tomato seeds didn't pop up right away so I thought I had done it wrong and replanted the trays with other types of seeds. Only to have the tomatoes pop and my other seeds started popping right behind them. I spent a fair part of Wednesday pulling tomato plants from one tray and planting them in another. I have no shortage of tomato plants. 3 full trays to be exact.

  As you know when it comes to photography I am learning and struggle with things here and there. Friday in the pouring down rain I sat on my front porch and struggled with my zoom lens and lighting. Out the back door too I struggled and got more bad then good. Some of the bad is so bad it almost looks like art and some so bad it just looks bad. Yes I am going to let you judge for yourself and share a few of the bad as well as the good.

 There you go the good the bad and the ugly.

 " What Was Dinner "   Well the grill is open for business and the pork chops were looking grill worthy. So I coated the chops in a olive oil infused with blood orange, salt and peppered both sides and on one side only I seasoned with basil, sage, and a little oregano. I let them sit like that while I got the sweet potatoes cut into wedges coated with oil and seasoned.  Halfway through the potatoes cooking time I added the chops to the grill.

 I need to remember to use a lower heat and do a little pre cooking but even as black as the potatoes look they were good Very good just not as good as when Dziadzi made them the first time. 
  The pork chops however is a another story. I nailed them perfectly done grill marks just right and tender, juicy, with so much flavor. There wasn't a scrap of meat on the bones when dinner was done.

 I love the grilling season, so much flavor so much fun.
 Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for stopping by.

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