Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Under constuction

 I have a great blog ( Well I think It is great ) in the works. It turns out it is not as easy to put together as I thought so I will leave you with a little teaser today and end the suspense on Saturday. 
   There will be nature, food, and even a contest for you to join. I am once again working with Johnsonville Sausage this month to try something new and delicious, and they have a fun contest for you too.
 The weather was nice meaning I was able to take a walk.  So I will be sharing lessons I learned along the way.
   I don't want to leave you hungry so 

    " What Was Dinner " So good so traditional and so easy. Hungarian Goulash. I first made this dish last year but I keep coming back to it. I burnt the spices the first time I made it and had to do a quick fix but it was still good. Even better now that I don't burn the ingredients first.
I hope this holds you until Saturday when I have all my I's dotted T's crossed and links added  and a blog I truly hope you will enjoy.
Happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.


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