Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gardening, & Dinner


  Good almost afternoon. It is Wednesday, pouring down rain with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Dark dreary mornings are perfect for sleeping in and that is exactly what I did. Now I am all behind schedule.  Ha! Like that is anything new. I am always behind schedule. 
  Before the rains started Bill and I got a good bit of gardening done through out the property.  It is starting to look real nice up close to the house. In the spring it always looks pretty with the early blooming flowers.

 As spring progresses and we get things cleaned up, the mulch spread and the summer plants begin to emerge, the yards front and back start to become stunning.

 Slowly we are gathering together the plants we want for the big garden out back as well as starting seed trays of green goodness to go out back.

 Our Baby the sail boat is beginning to take shape once again as my kitchen garden. The sage, oregano, and chives wintered over nicely and are looking good. Even the exotic spicy oregano looks as if it will come back this year. I am experimenting this year. I have to many green onions on hand so I rooted some in water and they are now in Our Baby getting rained on hard and heavy. No Getty isn't after my onion rather the golf ball sitting there teasing him.

 The lettuce is loving all this rain I am sure and I hope the spinach seeds like it to. The basil is looking good. I am happy every year the way Our Baby produces for the kitchen and it looks like this year I will be just as happy.My thyme and mint in Madeline's kitchen garden wintered over very nicely too.

 I am not sure what else is going in that garden. For sure something Madeline will eat so she can use it in her kitchen.
                                                                              The big garden got a lot of work from Bill this past weekend.

He plowed it over, got the rows made and even planted a few plants. A full row of tomatoes,and a row of ( scratching my head trying to remember) I am not sure what.

 I am not willing to walk out back in the rain to find out. Sorry! My sage in that garden wintered over and is looking real good.

 My rosemary however did not survive the winter as I had hoped. Oh well try try again that is all you can do. The strawberries may or may not give us a crop this year. The deer were pretty heavy this year and they didn't leave many plants for us. 

  I am getting excited to see everything in full bloom and the yards all covered in one beautiful vegetation after another. Yes for sure you will see it too. 
  " What Was Dinner " I am not sure what to call it. I was in the mood for patty melts.I have recently found out that Mom can actually have rye bread here and there without adverse effect to her sugar levels. Mouth watering for patty melts I stop and pick up a loaf of rye bread while I was running some errands. I get home open the freeze take out my meat and then open the fridge to get something only to have an over ripe avocado stare me in the eye and scream " you have to use me NOW "  I had all day to think about it and I could not get my brain off a patty melt. Time to get dinner ready comes and I am still stumbling along without an idea because I want a patty melt and you can't make a patty melt with an avocado. Or can you ? .....................
 This is California burger meets Patty melt.

   Ground turkey not beef, Swiss cheese, lightly sauteed red onions, 2 leaves per burger fresh basil, avocado smashed with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Sandwiched between 2 slices onion rye bread with seeds pan toasted with butter.
  Easy to make and assemble. season the meat as you like, me it was salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and fennel seed. Make patties sized to fit your bread, cook in a heavy skillet over medium heat. Slice the onion crosswise for thin circles, smash the avocado and set aside. Top burgers with cheese and melt. In a separate skillet melt a small amount of butter add your bread toast on both sides. You can saute the onions in either pan that has room. Once everything is ready to assemble I like to cut the burgers in half and arrange on the bread so there is a small space down the center between the burgers,for easier cutting later. on top of the meat and cheese I added the onion and then the basil a leaf on each half. On top of that we place the smashed avocado as thick or as thin as you like. Top with 2nd slice of toasted bread and cut down the center where the meat is split.

  And this is why sometimes I don't get the best shot ever. It looks so good and I start drooling and figure what the hay I have to have at least one good picture.

   Happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.  

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