Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flash Back Profiles

 Good morning, I am enjoying this lovely warm weather while it lasts. Like every other year Spring and warm sunny days are going to take their time getting here and tease us along the way.
    I haven't done anything new or exciting in the last few days and was a little stumped of what to write today. What was dinner is all planned and ready to write, that part of the blog is easy and just about writes it self, but this part not as easy and doesn't normally write itself. So when life is just normal with no trips, parties, or events I really don't think you want to read that I made the beds did the dishes and mopped the floor, meaning I have to come up with an idea be creative and use my brain. A lot to ask of this old blonde.(said with a smile and twinkle in my eye)
  While scoping out my own pictures on Face Book I noticed my largest album has 142 photos in it. It is my profile album and since 2010 I have used 142 different pictures on my profile. I decided today to share some of my favorites with you. 
 So lets get started.
  I love my Madeline and it shows in my profile photos as you watch her grow. It is amazing how much she has grown and how smart she is. Watching her grow into a little person has been the greatest pleasure of my life.

   On Mothers day and my Grandma's birthday I like to use my most favorite pictures of both Mom and Grandma. I love the pink apron Grandma is wearing.

 That picture puts me in her kitchen on a sunny Sunday afternoon getting ready for lunch on the back porch.
  Mom was so beautiful as a young women that you just have to love this photo of her
  She has aged gracefully for sure.
 Yep that sweet looking little girl is me. I still wear my hair in that same hair cut.

   What can I say the dogs are my kids too and they need to be in the spot light now and again as well. They are almost always side by side. Some how touching but not really.

 They are true brothers in every sense of the word, always competing with one another. Both of them love a ride in the car and sit so pretty.
     And then there is me sometimes I actually put myself in my profile.

 A throw back to my 20's

 A day as a beauty Queen out on a field of green.

 Bill and I enjoying a day at the beach.
 I have more lots more, I just think these pictures describe me the best. It is amazing how much you can learn about a person by just looking at their Face Book profile pictures.
   " What Was Dinner"?  A simple no fuss dinner that was so delicious you would have thought I slaved away all day in the kitchen. I was cooking from the hip and reworking an old recipe. Fun in the kitchen yahoo. Earlier this month brother in law Henry handed me a bag of recipes that were his Mom's and asked me to find a few good ones to pass on to one of his cousins who is putting together a family cook book. A very cool idea I think. I may swipe the idea and do that for my family for Christmas. Any whoo I was going through the recipes and found some real winners and one I had to try right now.Bill's parents were vegetable farmers and belonged to the vegetable association as well as vendors at the Jersey Certified Farm Markets in Trenton and Mom K had a small stack of recipes from the farm market. The one I wanted to tackle right away came from that stack. It needed a little touching up to make my crew happy but still it looked tasty just reading the recipe. I added a few ingredient for taste and removed the cheese changed the cooking method a little all with the idea of making a healthier tastier dish than the recipe already looked.I can't wait for summer and fresh from the garden veggies to make this recipe again.
Zucchini and tomatoes summer side dish
1 small to medium onion sliced in rings
1 TBS butter
4 cloves of garlic diced
1 lb zucchini sliced length wise in 1 inch slices. cut in half if very long
1/4 cup water, wine, or veg broth
1 cup garden fresh tomatoes cubed
large handful of fresh basil 
salt and pepper to taste
  melt butter in saute pan over med high heat add onion and cook till translucent add in garlic and cook till aroma fills the kitchen about 1 minute add liquid and let cook for 1 minute. add zucchini and cook covered for about 5 minutes until zucchini is just starting to get tender. add tomatoes, salt pepper and basil ruffly torn. Lower heat to med low cover and simmer until the tomato is hot and the zucchini tender but not soggy. 
 Serve over pasta or as a side dish

  I made tri colored pasta and ground meat with Alfredo sauce ( from a jar shhhhhhh ) as my main dish. Since the zucchini was absolutely the prettiest dish on the table I shared 2 views with you. This wasn't the first time I planned my dinner around a side dish and I am sure it won't be the last all I can say is I hope all my cooking from the hip turns out this good. The zucchini and the pasta dish complimented each other very nicely indeed.   
  Happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.

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