Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whirl Wind Weekend!

 No I haven't been slacking, I have been so so so busy instead.  It is amazing how much energy a little 5 year old girl can have. For Bill and I who enjoy Madeline's company more then words can say it was a game of tag because her needs and desires and all out energy level just wore us out. 
   I picked up Madeline from dance class Saturday afternoon, since it was really to cold to play outside and she was just getting over cold we decided  a game of hide and seek in the mall would be just the ticket. If you have never played hide and seek in the mall you just haven't lived. The giggling this game produces is major and I do mean me. She giggles too but I get such a kick out of this. I never let her out of my sight and you don't hide your eyes and count but it is hide and seek.
    Saturday evening found us all in the kitchen making pizza for dinner. Madeline liked this a lot. Standing on her purple stool swirling the tomato sauce on the pie her face so serious as she strives to get it just so.

 She and Bill built both pies together creating 2 master pieces for our dinner. 

The pride on her face when we brought the pizza's out to the dinner table was as they say priceless. She ate with extra gusto that night. I love when we get to play in the kitchen. 
   I am proud to say I am passing my love for Fiesta ware on to Madeline. She never asks for her princess plates at my house any more. Now she ask for colors and the colors are expanding past pink ( flamingo ) and  purple ( Lilac ) Saturday night for dinner she asked for the lemon grass plate and she asked for it by name.

 Imagine my surprise and pride when I heard those words come out off her mouth.
   Sunday came early Madeline was up by 7 AM and she hit the ground running. Another cold day, a good day to stay in and make Valentine decorations. After their Sunday morning trip for donuts and grocery shopping Bill tagged me and I was ready with lots and lots of glue, glitter, stickers, colored paper, and paper doilies. Operation decorate was on the way. We made some pretty hearts that day and an even prettier mess. Glue and glitter every way. Madeline was so excited to show her Mom and Dad her efforts. She gave Bill and his 2 friends Tom and Rich one each that was just too cute to watch.
  Sunday dinner was beyond good both for the food and company. Billy and Stefanie were there as well as Madeline and that always makes my dinner better. There are no pictures of this dinner out of respect for my son who really doesn't like it when I photo dinner. I out did myself on the food and to be honest I wasn't trying. I was trying to make a meal that would not mess with Stef's stomach. No dairy or cheese and for me that aint easy. I did it for this meal we had steamed green beans, spaghetti squash, and what I called pork chop Marsala. Dinner was so good I heard my son slurp as he ate dinner. Even mom had 2nds on the meat and she is not a meat eater. She liked the squash as well. Bill bought an extra large squash and I was sure there was going to be so much left. Nope no leftovers at all. An even bigger treat for me was that over dinner Stef and I made plans to hang out on Monday and go to the J C Penny's store I wanted to go to last week and never made.
   Monday dawned bright and beautiful full of great expectations. Wasting no time I made my way over the bridge to Stef's house and we set off to the mall and J C Penny. Call me tickled pink when we got to the store every thing was priced so much less then in the NJ stores,when I saw my dutch oven sitting there 20.00 less then I paid plus 25% more off I went right to the counter and lucky for me I had the receipt on me, anyway I should them the receipt and asked for a price adjustment. They gave it to me and I felt like I had won the lottery.
My service set has grown respectfully thanks to J C Penny
   Over lunch as Stef and I chatted she told me that all the way the home the night before Billy was talking about how good dinner was and trying to figure out how I made it. Always something you like to hear. The perfect end to the perfect weekend.
    " What Was Dinner "  I am going to go back a few days to Fridays dinner. The main course was a faceless recipe that sounded interesting and it was interesting just not good enough to make again. I rated this recipe on the low side because even with omitting the corn syrup it was still overly sweet. To Bill it was okay, to me it was to sweet even my sweet tooth mom did not really care for it. I served the sweet chicken Marsala with rice and broccoli and ended up eating more of the side dishes then the main course.
Sweet Marsala Chicken

   I also tried a bread pudding faceless recipe that scored low for more then a few reasons number 1 being the blandness and lack of flavor, also if made as written I would have been throwing it out. With lack of flavor you can fix it but dried out egg bread would not have been fixable.
bread pudding
       Last night we had grilled steaks with pasta Alfredo and broccoli. Simple easy and oh so good.
  Well that brings us all up to date, for now I am hunkering down and getting ready for the weather coming our way. You know I am happy happy happy. Not only are we getting snow we are getting SNOW.
    Have a safe and warm Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Another great read Joey! And for Madeline to ask for the Fiestaware by color name...amazing.