Monday, January 13, 2014

Dishing Sunday Dinner

    It has been a while since we hosted a Sunday Dinner so I happily said yes to my niece's  text on Saturday asking to come for dinner bringing the main course with them on Sunday. 

    Rachael was my secret Santa this year and with coupons and good sales at Macy's she got an unbelievable price on medium Fiesta bowls. So good that she was able to get 4 bowls for under 25.00. If you buy Fiesta you know that is a very very good deal. I wanted the small bowls so I exchanged the medium for the small. I got all the same colors that she had picked out, giving me my first piece of Lapis. Salad was to be our first course and the smile on Rachael's face as I climbed up and got the bowls down was like getting a second gift from her.
   My new covered casserole dish made it's first appearance on my table last night as well. Other then dessert and potatoes I wasn't cooking last nigh and the covered casserole came in handy keeping the German potato salad warm until dinner was ready. 

 It was nice not doing all the cooking however my kitchen is a very scary room right now and will take the better part of the day to get back to normal.
  Just before dinner my daughter in law texted that the J C Penny in a mall near her has Fiesta for 50% off plus 25% more. You now what I will be checking out today. It is a beautiful sunny day perfect for a long ride and a little dish shopping.
  "What Was Dinner"? Well you already know we had a tossed salad served in the bowls that add yet another bond between Rachael and I.  You also know we had German Potato salad, I made using a recipe from my well used and favorite Pillsbury cook book and served in my Sunflower covered casserole. The main course I was surprised not only did I eat it I liked it. I love a good cheese steak and the only way to make a good cheese steak is to shred or flake the meat while cooking it. I showed the kids how to do this and then I scrammed from the kitchen to set the table and enjoy my time out of the kitchen.

 To be honest I was more then sure I would only be having salads last night. I am an admitted picky meat eater and only eat 3 meats pork, beef, and chicken. So you can imagine the turmoil inside me about having venison for dinner.

 Max had gone hunting and got himself a deer and brought sandwich steak for dinner. Absolutely delicious. Bill mixed some of the meat in with root vegetables and some of the meat he served with melted cheese. The root vegetables and meat made an interesting sandwich but I liked the meat and cheese better. Dessert was on me and I let it go to almost the last minute before I did something about it. We had lemons that needed using, there is a recipe on Allrecipes for microwave lemon curd as well as a good recipe for Graham Cracker Crust. Rachael loves lemon curd and Bill loves lemon pie Dessert solved and made in less then an hour. Actually under 30 minutes. No meringue just the lemon and the crust. No picture either I was lucky they let me sit the pie on the table before digging in.
       This is a photo of a lemon curd I made back in May, I called it a fruit cup tart. It was good but the pie was better.
Microwave Lemon Curd
Graham Cracker Crust
   Good food, good company, and great memories a perfect Sunday.

   Hope your Monday is a good one. Thank you for stopping by.

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