Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting Back into the Swing of things.

I have no pictures or recipes to share still I felt the need to get back to writing. My life seems to have gone on hold with the whole Mom issue.
  Mom now lives with me and while it is nice to have her here, it is a full time job keeping up with her needs. I have taken no food photos or tried no new recipes and I am 12 days or so behind on my project 365. My Oct. activities haven't been looked at let alone started, but my house is clean and more organized then it has ever been before. So now it is time for me to get back to my normal  lifestyle and make it all work together like words and music in a song.
 Because of the excellent medical care Mom was getting from the medical staff at her DR's office I came home not knowing how to test Mom's sugar levels. For almost 2 weeks I didn't know if I was feeding her correctly or not. I figured I would know if I was really messing up. She got her first reading yesterday and it was 142 meaning I have been feeding her well when it comes to sugar and diabetes. There was no swelling in her legs and both the heart and lungs where clear of liquid meaning I also have the salt thing under control. I love salt and crave it so this one will always be a challenge to me.
 In Michigan I had no choice but take out and restaurant food. Once I got us home the first room I got in order was the kitchen and that very night I started cooking again. Bill nice guy that he is offer to take us out to dinner that night but I wouldn't have it I wanted a good home cooked food.
  I have stuck with basic simple meals during this learning period. I am not sure what Mom likes or will eat for that matter so I have tried to limit the ingredients to things I remember eating growing up. So far she has liked almost everything I have made. Everything except vegetables and stuff that is suppose to be good for you. Getting use to making 3 meals a day has been a challenge as well. I am a 1 meal a day kind of person with a snack or 2 thrown in for good measure.
 I am going to have it easier then most because my Mom only gets the food I serve her so she can't sneak extra sweets and snacks into her day.
 Here is a dish Mom really enjoys and it is not really bad for her.
  Strawberries over biscuits: I used about 1 cup frozen strawberries defrosted in a Medium bowl. When they where defrosted completely I added about a tablespoon of honey drizzled evenly around the berries. I made Bisquick biscuits following the spoon drop method. When ready to serve spoon berries over the biscuit and serve. I didn't but you could use heavy cream and whip it into whip cream with out adding sugar to it.
 This is one of those almost guilt free dishes. The sweetener in the strawberries is the only added sugar and you can control the amount you add. There is no sugar in Bisquick and not a lot of fat. So the result is a dish that will satisfy your sugar craving diabetic, while satisfying you that you have done your level best to keep the one you love healthy and happy.    

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