Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ End of the season let down

A lot of food bloggers at this point doing a review of the past month or season. Other bloggers are gearing up for the cooler season, while stile others are moving towards the holidays. Me I don't know what I am ready to do now. 
  After last months faceless recipe marathon my kitchen seems quit and still. No summer BBQ's and parties to prepare for, my Allstar activities haven't started just yet and my dinners have been our normal much loved everyday meals. Some would say the calm before the storm. What ever you say there is a sense of let down or of missing your best friend kind of thing. Before the month is over my kitchen will be humming again with making soups, and freezing what comes out of the garden, as well as Allstar activities. For now though I believe I have the going to miss the summer time blues.
 Here's what I have been up to the week.
 Baked pineapple. I like this dish so much. I just couldn't help playing around with my piggies when I took the picture.
 This was better then good. I used the Sunday ribs and the leftover pepper steak to make this. The two taste came together making one of the best dirty rice dish I have ever tasted.

Tossed salad of lettuce, tomato, smoked almonds, cheddar cheese with an Asian ginger dressing. The open face is beef cooked in a crock pot with dark beer and beef broth.Wheat bread and mashed potatoes. What is not to love.

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