Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I went Bold With butter

   If you belong to any online recipe club I am sure that this month you couldn't help but notice the advertisements and logos all over the site and I do mean everywhere for Go Bold With Butter
From this very cool blog site I found some very good recipes made that much better for the butter in them.
   Starting with the very tasty and very easy to make "Deconstructed Chicken Kiev",I made this dish for dinner last week and we are still talking about it.For my next dinner party this recipe is my main dish on the menu.Not only was it quick and easy to prepare and full of flavor it was extremely beautiful in its presentation. If you follow the recipe directions you are sure to serve a dish that will more then impress your guest.
                                                                                         I also came across another recipe that I just had to try because it gave me such a nostalgic feeling and brought back so many memories all good and all butter. You think Paula Deen is the butter queen,        well you have never met my Mom. Even in our brokest  days there would be butter in the house and mom would have some way of using it that would make us kids think we were eating like kings. Moms favorite butter recipe was and is honey and butter mixed together and then spread it on anything( the best a biscuit). So when I saw Bree's Honey Butter I just had to make it. This recipe is very very good a perfect blend of butter,honey,powder sugar and cinnamon.The first thing I used it on was a sweet potato,oh boy what a perfect fit.Making my potato seem so decadent with its rich creamy melt in your mouth goodness.As I enjoyed my sweet potato slathered in Bree's Honey Butter my mind traveled backwards  to a time that doesn't seem all that long ago. A time when my brother and I would sit eagerly at the kitchen table waiting for our favorite treats,all made with butter and a lot of love.Our top most wanted treat was the good old peanut butter and butter on toast(I still eat them from time to time). Running a close 2ND as most          hoped for treat was canned peaches(mom canned her own)with toast and butter.I still serve peaches with buttered toast as dessert and my husband absolutely loves it.

Sweet potato with Bree's honey Butter
Peanut butter and Butter Toast

Peaches and buttered toast
                        I am GOING BOLD WITH BUTTER and LOVING it !!!!                                                                                 

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  1. I also loved the deconstructed chicken kiev - a brilliant idea which I plan on morphing :)