Friday, May 22, 2015

On a new and Different Path.

 Long time no hear I know. This is not a sign that things are bad and I am unhappy. Nope in fact just the opposite things are good and I am happy. Life and my camera are simply taking me in a new direction. When I started blogging so many years ago it was strictly a food blog and a fairly good on at that. During that time I discovered that photos for a blog can't be so so they need to be good clear crisp and creative pictures to make people drool and come back for more. On my quest to get better at my food photography I fell in love with my camera and photography in general.
  There came a time in my blogging career that found me so unhappy and in shock that I couldn't write not even a little bit. I was paralyzed from the brain down when it came to writing and my blog. My camera became my best friend and constant companion. I took pictures of everything ,it didn't matter what, a grain of sand could be a half an hour photo shoot if it caught my eye right. Finally I worked my way out of my funk and began to write again only this time around it wasn't just food it was life. My life had changed so much in that year I felt the need to write about life to help me understand and avoid future funks. I have enjoyed every minute of the life blog, the good and the bad. My photos just kept getting better and better until I got to a point of total confidence. Thats when I started asking for a camera that could do more than my point and shoot camera could. Lucky for me I have a loving, supportive ,and understanding husband, and for Christmas that year under the tree was a beautiful starter camera kit just made for me. Now I could zoom in and out I could set my own lighting and even do my own focusing. Field of depth and all sorts of other actions were possible. For those of you that read my blog regularly you already know the fun and excitement I enjoyed as I learned what my new camera could do and how to use it. That very same camera is now leading me down a new path away from blogging. I think  I hope I have found a way to use my camera to have fun and make a modest living in my golden years. I don't mean to brag but my nature photos just  continue to excel and get better to the point that even I my own worst critic can see them as something a professional would have done. I still have much to learn and a lot more practicing to do, but I feel like I am on my way. What is the path I am taking you ask. I want to take and sell beautiful photographs of nature. Nature of all kinds not just the close up of flowers that I seem to be exceptionally good at. 
   To follow this newest dream of mine takes time and dedication, the same as my blog did, does. I am not closing the blog down not just yet. I will be here very little for now and mostly you will see pictures I want to share with you rather than words. A blog takes time if your going to do it well and I want to do what ever I do well so for now my blog is taking a back seat to my camera and my very hopeful dream. I still want to know what happens to Lily Mea and Joe, for now she is still in a faint and Joe is safely hidden behind a big ole tree. One day we will all find out how that story ends or maybe begins. 
  I will be sure to share a link when ever I find the time and have something good to share with you all, and you feel free to check once in a blue moon to see if you missed anything. You can be certain of one thing as I am walking with my camera snapping wonderfully brilliant pictures, in my head I will be composing the perfect blog post to go with the picture. Even if time doesn't allow blogging will never be far from heart and mind. 
   I thought I would leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from this past winter and spring.

look close that is the imprint of a hawks wings as it came down for it's prey.

I did say a few didn't I. 
  Have  a happy holiday , make sure you Thank a Vet today and always. 

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