Saturday, January 17, 2015

Red Barns of New Jersey Part 1 !

 Since the beginning of summer I have been working on a project that has been fun interesting and a good way to spend time with Mom. 
  I have been getting pictures of all the red barns I can find in New Jersey. I was planning to make one post but I have gotten so many great barns on film that I will be making a few post through out 2015 of all my finds. Each barn is like a little treasure in a scavenger hunt. My summer photos and most of my autumn photos are still locked in my Acer but it at this moment is on its way to being fixed and with a little luck without losing a single picture.
 This first barn I have taken pictures in every season so far except winter. I am waiting for a snowy day to capture the winter barn. I know nothing about this barn I just know I am drawn to it.

  This barn was once red and as you see it is crumbling to ruin. I am glad I found it before it fell.

 This barn was bought from a Sears and Roebuck catalog in 1919 and delivered as a kit to be put together.

 Another barn I know nothing about. Beautiful and well cared for even though it isn't used is all I can tell you.

 This little gem was extremely hard, until fall and the falling of leaves I never knew it was there. When I saw it I knew I had to have it. I respect No Trespassing signs so I had to walk down a busy road with no sidewalks until I found the perfect opening in the bushes and trees  that separate the field from the road. I am told this is an old Dairy farm that eventually died out and was sold to the township. Don't quote me on this  I may have a fact or two wrong. This one is spooky in person even from the road. It is spooky in the photo too.

 This I am sure is a horse stable that appears to no longer be used. I couldn't help getting creative taking this picture.

 Last but certainly not last, this beauty was built in the 1800's and all the wood is original, the owner came out and talked to me about it while I was taking pictures. He said that everything but the paint is original. History standing right next to the road.

  Stay tuned for my next edition of Red Barns in New Jersey. 

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