Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Red Barns Of New Jersey II

Yesterday was the first snow of the season, and while we didn't get the blizzard of 2015 that was forecasted, we got enough snow on the ground to make good winter barn photos. 
  I waited until late afternoon for the snow to stop and the gray over cast to go away, and then I grabbed the camera got in the car and went for a ride.
  I headed out with three barns in mind all spread out hither and there. This first barn was farthest away in the opposite direction than I actually wanted to go, but I keep seeing a red barn every time we leave my sister in law's house. I tell myself each time I need to come get a picture of this one, and then I forget all about it. The fact that I remembered it made going out of my way worth it.

 the second barn you may recognize, so far I have captured this barn in the summer and fall. Now all I need is a spring picture. I have to say I was scared to approach this barn for the first time ever. As I drew closer to the barn intending to park in the drive near the barn I got this creepy feeling and past the drive by. I noticed a side street at the end of the field I had never noticed before, I turned onto it and laughed out loud when I read the name of the street, Purgatory. 

 Barn number three is another favorite of mine. This one is not abandoned it is a working barn on a vegetable farm that offers pick your own during the growing season, and gives space to the 4H club to grow and learn. I must admit the photos of this one please me greatly. 

 I know nothing about this barn other than I saw it liked it and got out of the car to take pictures of it.

 This barn I almost didn't take a picture of. When I came upon it the angle I was seeing from the road was not impressive kind of blah looking. It was when I looked in my rear view mirror that I slammed on the brakes did a U-turn and got this beautiful shot.

  On my way home after a fruitful and happy drive I came across this little cutie. Technically maybe not a red barn but enough red in it and too cute to pass up.

 This last barn is just around the corner from me, it was once red and while it looks like it is going to fall down, it has stood strong like that for years.

 I have yet to leave my immediate area looking for red barns and I still think I have a lot more barns to find before I venture out in a wider circle. This treasure hunt has been a good deal of fun and I am looking forward to more trips just like this. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.


  1. love red barns so I've signed up to follow you - fellow blogging 101 class mate!

    1. Thank you so much. I Love red Barns and the hunt for them. Thank you for following me.