Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Something Deliciously New In Mount Holly!

Good Morning everyone. Today is going to be the last day of warm weather. It is being said there will be snow on the ground for Thanksgiving. That is fine with me I am staying home this year anyway. It will be just the 3 of us for dinner and a football game and I am actually thankful for that. I have my turkey breast thawing and I will make the pumpkin soup tomorrow so it has a day of rest before we eat it. Other then that I have no real menu set. How about you what do you have planned for Thanksgiving?
  On Sunday morning that sweet man of mine took me to breakfast. I almost didn't go because of where he was going. I am so so so glad I changed my mind and went. I didn't want to go at first because the last time I was in that building I was served cold eggs and bacon so cold the grease had congealed on it, when I complained the waitress screamed at me stopping short of throwing the plate at me. Needless to say I never returned again. So when the husband said lets go to breakfast and he told me where I was reluctant thinking that they really hadn't sold the restaurant just changed the name. I went anyway thinking if just one person on the wait staff was from the old restaurant I would just turn around and get back in the car. 
  Like I said I am so glad I went. Not just the name changed, but everything has changed. The way the place looks, the wait staff, and how the customer is treated.
 Lets start with the name. Kitchen87. When hubby first said the name I thought he was taking me to center city. Trendy,catchy to the ear and eye the name is something that you would expect to find in the city. When you hear how the name was picked it is something simpler and much warmer then trendy. The name was picked because 87 is the street numbers and Kitchen because the owner Melo wants you to come to her kitchen sit down and relax and enjoy.

 The trendiness doesn't stop at the door with the name. The shabby chic interior in the soft shades of gray, black, & red are very welcoming inviting you to sit and relax. The entire staff  greets you as you walk in and the smiles never leave their faces. The friendliness of the staff and the open room makes for a friendly happy atmosphere. I think we talked to every person in the place, staff and customers a like. There was a lot of laughter and comparing of plates. When she wasn't busy the owner Melo chatted with every one like they where her oldest best friends. Everything about Kitchen87 was welcoming. It has only been open a week but she already has regulars and Sunday morning regulars which I will be. Before long Kitchen87 will be standing room only. Sharing tables and squeezing together to make room will soon be the norm. It isn't a big place and there is no waiting area, in fact if you didn't know it was there you would pass right by never knowing you had passed one of the best breakfast and lunch joints in town. Mount Holly got lucky when Kitchen87 decided to settle here.
  I bet you are all ready itching to go and try it out and I haven't even gotten to the best part. What comes out of the actual kitchen and the menu.The menu is small and simple. Breakfast on one side and Lunch on the other. I only slightly glanced at lunch. Enough to know I will be giving it a try. The breakfast menu has the normal breakfast foods, eggs, bacon, sausage and such but then on the right of the menu is the treasure chest of goodies. Things like Shrimp and grits, Huevos rancheros, Stuffed french toast with bananas or strawberries. There was more these just stuck in my head. I like the slight southern flair to the menu,it is both comforting and different at the same time. He had the Stuffed French toast with eggs on the side. See for your self what he thought of it.

 I had the Huevos Rancheros I didn't stop for a picture I just dug in. It isn't how I make it but that is okay because it was darn good. Chorizo sausage makes a great addition to the dish, the homemade tortilla shells were really very good and my eggs were cooked perfectly. I will order it again, a breakfast favorite for me, or dinner, lunch, even for a snack, anytime will be fine. I was glad mom was still sleeping when we got back it gave me time to get a picture of the Stuffed French toast before she demolished it,

 and demolish it she did. For her it was finger licking, lip smacking can I please lick my plate good.
  Unlike the trendy restaurants in center city I think Kitchen87 has staying power. They certainly have the beginning of a success story. The fact that the intent is to be homey, happy, and friendly not trendy makes all the difference in the world.  For me leaving full and happy is always better then just leaving full. When I left Kitchen87 I was full and happy, I felt like I had just had breakfast with friends instead of a room full of strangers.  
  For those of you that remember and liked Silk City before they redid themselves you should check out Kitchen87 I promise you won't be disappointed. Any one who loves a good breakfast you should check it out too.

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