Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Its Wednesday

This week has been interesting to say the least, not exciting but interesting. I am still working hard at my photography and the photo 101 class. It has been fun and a real challenge too. 
  If you read my post last Wednesday it was the Computer held hostage post. I got some feed back from Avast they at least I think it is Avast reached out on twitter and then in the comments here in this blog on the post itself. They asked for some information and I was only willing to give the info that I used to contact Avast on that fateful day. I haven't heard anything back so I don't know if they are still looking into it or my unwillingness to give a total stranger from a company I really no longer trust my personal information led them to just drop it all together. 

 Over the weekend the darling husband came across a real good deal, so we now have a new living room furniture set. We have hated the lazy boy set we had from the moment we bought it. It is nice to have recliners that actually recline.

 Now I have a house to put back together but I am smiling as I work. The living room looks bigger and is much more welcoming. Happy camper that's me.

 Machinery and I are not in sync at all this week. First it was my computer, and slowly the bottom rack in my dish washer is disintegrating, the wheels are breaking one by one and each day more of my silverware tray falls away like it is dry rotting. 

On top of that Monday I go down to do the laundry, it took me more then a minute to realize that the machine was not spinning. Not spinning even a little bit. It has been a lot of years since I was last in a laundry mat. Let me tell you it is nothing like it once was. The machines no longer take coins you purchase a card to activate the start button on the washers and driers. The price is way past reasonable how in the world do people afford that every week. I didn't use the driers and only 2 washers and I still spent over 10.00. The 30 minutes I sat in the laundry mat waiting for my cloths to spin their final spin was more then entertaining. I went during the dinner hour thinking it would be dead. Nope that place was popping. 

As much fun as that little experience was I will be happy when the parts arrive and my washing machine is fixed.
  I had the pleasure of baking cup cakes with Madeline over the weekend. She did all the measuring and added everything into the bowl, she even got to start the mixer.

 She was very proud of herself and was the loudest singer with the biggest smile when we sang Happy Birthday to her dad.

  Thanksgiving is up and coming, this year it will be just us 3. We have decided it would be easier this way. Planning a menu for 3 for Thanksgiving is not as easy as planning a big ole dinner. Cutting the amount of food down is the hardest part. What do I leave out? I may decide to go less traditional and try a few different dishes mixed in with the classic. See I am talking making less food and and adding to it as I speak.
 On a high note, I was invited to add a photo to a web site called You I am sorry to say it is a photo on my hostage held computer, but the site itself is amazing and to be invited to post there made my day. Turns out I am wrong and the photo is on this computer. Here it is.

 The pictures scattered in this post are assignments from the past week. What do you think am I getting better?
 Happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.  

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