Saturday, May 24, 2014

A New Discovery & Dinner

I have my eyes open at all times after seeing this!

  Farm living is the life for me. Well who knew I would love digging in the dirt and spending hours in the sun with nature as my only company. It is hard work and my muscles are screaming at me, I just don't care. I sleep soundly at night and wake up happy with a sense of purpose each morning. Life is good.

  Everyday this week except Thursday I spent the morning and most of the afternoon out back working on the garden. Only coming in when I had to get dinner ready and the beds made. I have laid the fabric on all but one row. It is a labor intense job that is more then worth it when I have to weed less as the season goes on. I have planted this week, a full row of cherry bombs, a full row of a verity of peppers, and partial rows of zucchini, tomatoes, egg plant, lemon and lime basil. It may not sound like a lot but believe you me it is.

  Thursday was a rainy gray day and I couldn't do anything here. I had planned to strawberry pick if the weather allowed and I volunteered to help for a few hours at the Lone Wolf farm. The weather didn't allow strawberry picking but I was still able to help at the farm. I was staking tomato plants in planters so I was able to stay dry in the green houses and get the work done. I staked 200 or more plants when all was said and done. The only picture I took at the farm was of my new friend here.

 She won't stop winding herself around me until I say hello and go adore her kittens.
  Friday dawned cloudy overcast and a little chilly but the strawberry fields at Specca's farm where open and once again packed full of people by 9:01. There were plenty of berries for everyone, and oh so so sweet.

 Another stab at making Jam for me. Monday before heading out to garden I made jam strawberry jam and it didn't set well so I have sauce or syrup. Mom loves it. Last night I said oh darn Mom I forgot to pick up ice cream for you. She replies thats fine she'll just take the syrup. I put some on rye bread for her and she was happier then happy. So I have ten pints of strawberry syrup. I don't hear anyone complaining in this house.
   I love sitting out back at this time of the year just looking at the Christmas trees. Before the new growth is trimmed up and the trees are being shaped. They look like they are wearing evening dresses.

In my imagination I just see the trees waltzing around the field their pretty new growth twirling and swirling around just like a ladies Ball gown.
  We have Bee's. I say this with total excitement because the winter really hurt our bees this past year.

 So far the guys have gotten four swarms from around the area. As I look at the Christmas trees and all the clover around the area I can see why the bees are happy once they get here.

  I have a few friends and readers that just love to look at my flowers. Well the irises are up and looking beautiful and I found a few flowers in the neighbors yard that were begging for my attention as well. So here for your viewing pleasure are a few flowers from around the yard as well as my neighbors.

 " What Was Dinner " Dinner was fresher then fresh.
 Using eggs we get by trading honey with a young women that is raising a few chickens, and freshly cut asparagus that was my reward for helping at the Lone Wolf farm I built us a very tasty omelet. I added tomato, cheese, and red onion to the list of ingredients with a little bacon thrown in for good measure. I sauteed the veggies and pre-cooked the bacon. I put each omelet together individually and kept them warm in the oven until I had them all done. I served the omelets with fresh spinach we picked at Specca's last weekend as well as the radishes for Mom and Dziadzi and strawberries for me. All fresh all good
 I love this time of the year.
  Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for stopping by.

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