Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday Brunch and so much More!

 This week end I took a lot of pictures. Pictures of just about everything. Today when I stuck the data card in my computer I found 229 pictures on it and 175 of them were taken by me. Not all that surprising really I am always taking pictures can't seem to help my self. What is surprising is that out of 175 pictures only a dozen or so are out of focus or wrong lighting or even out of range. I was even switching lens mid stream like I was a pro or something. No tripods or make shift stands just me and the camera and I loved it. I shut off the self timer used my display screen to set my setting then used the view finder and fired away. All you heard was click click click. I loved watching the pictures up load this morning it was like watching a movie with all the pictures moving so fast and in sync. 
   We did so much this week end I don't know where to start. So much in fact that if I write about it all this won't be a blog but a short novel instead.
  Madeline and I started at the grocery store. We only went in for a few things I needed for brunch the next day. We came out with what I needed that is for sure, as well as a few extra things that just somehow ended up in my cart, things like a dump truck and bulldozer for the sand pile and a card board cut out doll to dress up. I just can't say no, not to that sweet face.
  Once we got home I got things all set up and Madeline and I did a little back deck gardening. We are getting ready for the planting season and starting our seed trays.

 As long as I have gloves for her Madeline is up for anything gardening, just don't make her touch dirt other then sand.

     After the gardening it was into the kitchen to make French Bread bread pudding. The real challenge here was keeping Madeline from eating all the french bread.

 Sunday morning she kept asking how long now until brunch? She was dying to eat that pudding. When it was finally time and our guest had arrived oh my she had a blast. As I was taking her home she out of the blue says " Did you save any of that pudding"? Me " Yes " Her " Keep it till I come back"  Me " I don't think it will last that long " Her with a short sigh and sad voice " oh " and seconds later I can almost hear the twinkle in her eyes as the thought comes to her and she proclaims " Well we will just have to make more". I am still smiling  thinking about it. You know I don't have a single picture of the finished pudding but I will never forget it thanks to that little conversation in the car.
     After a long day of gardening, playing in the sand and then baking it was nice to just relax and watch her enjoy playing on the floor.

 Yep that is a dog mat she is laying on and Getty would rather lay on the bare floor. 

  Sunday morning found us back in the kitchen getting ready for an early afternoon brunch. We couldn't have picked a better day. The sun was shinning the birds were singing and playing in the yard. It was warm and smelled like spring. 

While I sliced the fruit and vegetables and Madeline made the yogurt parfaits,

 Bill set up tables outside so our guest could enjoy the beautiful afternoon if they wanted to.

 " What Was Dinner" Was Sunday brunch and my Johnsonville activity. So the star and main course of brunch was indeed Johnsonvilles Amazing muffins. 

These muffins are properly named that is for sure. I never mentioned the name of the recipe only that it was Johnsonville both the recipe and product. Imagine the smile on my face as each and everyone of my guest said after a bite or 2 " Joan these are AMAZING". Finally a recipe that lives up to it's name. On the brunch table was a meat tray with bacon and sausage links, yes Johnsonville what else.  The sausage disappeared faster then the bacon and I was hearing things like " good sausage" "compliments to the chef and Johnsonville too" I know I sound a little like a commercial but I am after all only repeating what my guest said.
Amazing Muffins
 This is a recipe worth trying. I found that I  needed to adjust the amounts a little using only 1/2 the cheese called for and only 2 cups of potatoes as well as  just 9 links of sausage and I felt the need to add 2 additional eggs to the mix. This is a quick and easy recipe to prepare and to my way of thinking just perfect for brunches and buffets as well as a good way to send your loved ones off to work or school with a full breakfast when you don't have time to sit down and eat.

There was coffee cakes, French Bread pudding, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, oatmeal, the meat tray and the egg muffins on the table, and every thing was sampled and enjoyed. When clean up time came there were very few leftovers to be put away. Anyway you look at it I say my Sunday brunch was a success to be remembered and repeated.

 Have a good Monday! Thank you for stopping by. 

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