Monday, April 28, 2014

Change of Plans and Dinner

  Good Monday morning. It is bright and sunny out with a little chill still in the morning air. It is going to warm up into a beautiful day and I plan to take advantage all I can. The rest of the week looks like a wash with cool temperatures and rain. The gardens will love it and all the blooming trees and flowers will love it, me not so much. 
  Yesterday was Uncle Al's 90th birthday party. I was looking forward to going and it was going to be the subject of today's blog. However Miss Madeline was in need of her Grandmama so I spent my afternoon and evening with her while her parents went to work. Bill and Mom went to the party and said it was wonderful. Well Happy Birthday Uncle Al and I hope I get to be there for your 100th.
  I am going to share some more pictures from the walks I took this past week and still more stuff from my yard. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them.

  Not too many pictures today just a few of my favorites. The Blue Jay is in my back yard, the tulip is in the front yard not in the tulip flower bed and the tree is in the middle of Rancocas creek. The texture and its loneliness absolutely screamed at me.
 " What Was Dinner"? It was a steamy hot and hearty stick to your ribs bowl of bean soup.

 I finally got around to using my ham bone and making a nice pot of soup.

 My biggest issue was what to serve with it, normally I serve some sort of bread and maybe a salad. Well it isn't normally any more and while a salad would be okay the bread was not. I didn't have what I needed for a good salad and I was really scratching my head trying to figure dinner out when Bill came in and asked for the Stuffed mini bell peppers. Dinner side dish solved.

 I found this recipe on a site called Group Recipes. It is a weight Watchers friendly recipe I think I read on the recipe. I only read the recipe once.
Laughing Cow Stuffed Peppers
  I have made the dish 3 times and the recipe is so simple and easy you will only need to read it once as well. I have played around with different cheeses and found that the creaminess of the Laughing Cow Cheese is the most pleasing. All you need is a bag of Mini Bell Peppers and Laughing Cow cheese wedges any flavor. Cut open the peppers and seed them. I cut open the top because I can't figure out how to make it work cutting open a small slit in the side. I couldn't figure out how to clean them that way. So my biggest challenge was figuring out how to keep them tilted upright so all the cheese doesn't melt out. A meat rack is the answer and even that is tricky.

 The Laughing Cow is less likely to leak out of the pepper, cheddar and american tend to melt more and leak. Making the rack or some other way to prop the peppers up necessary. I have made these 3 times as I already said so I am sure you already know they have got to be good. Quick easy and very tasty.

 The pepper is packed with flavor on its own then when you add the creamy sweet goodness of cheese to it and roast them all up together, you get WOW.
   Cheery Monday! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your photo of the tree in the creek made me feel like if I watched long enough I would see Native Americans come filing out and go about their business.

  2. Feels like that standing there looking at it. I kept waiting for the canoe.