Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Looking back at yesterday and fried chicken

  Last year at this time there wasn't any snow on the ground and signs of spring were slowly popping. The biggest sign of spring that popped this time last year was Madeline's first dance recital. Recitals are always held in the spring not sure why but it certainly seems that way to me. Maybe because all those pretty young ladies dancing around in brightly colored dance costumes make you think of flowers and sunshine. I remember being so excited to see her first recital and when she came out on stage with her fellow dancers I wasn't disappointed at all if anything I was even more excited for her and me. 

The song the instructor picked was perfect "Tiny Dancer" and that's what she was a tiny little dancer all pretty in pink. A perfectly beautiful little Prima Donna.

 As Grandmama I don't think I could be any prouder. After the recital was over Madeline got changed had a nap and then came home with me for some fun in the sun and a little play time. As always Domino is never far away watching carefully that nothing goes wrong.

     She won't admit it but she really does love Domino. When she thinks we aren't looking she pets him and hugs him and she never misses kissing him good bye when she goes home.
  " What Was Dinner "  Dinner wasn't exactly healthy on many levels but it was a memory for me. My favorite birthday dinner growing up and what I liked the most when we went to Sunday night dinner at Grandma's house. Fried Chicken. For the most part I bake my chicken now with a breading that comes out like fried chicken from a bucket, well all most. On the rare occasions that I do fry chicken I use only one method  and that is un-breaded and fried in bacon fat. I learned this according to my memory from my Grandma. My brothers say no she used bacon fat for sure but that she breaded her chicken pieces. I think I am right, really it doesn't matter the smell of the frying chicken always takes me right back to my Grandma's kitchen where I learned most of my cooking skills. Her kitchen was small compared to today's kitchens but there was always room for me. My Grandparents made the most of every square inch of that room and for what ever reason that room just felt like love. 
chicken, frying pieces 1lb per person
salt and pepper to taste
3-4 slicebacon fat or 3tbsp cooking oil
largeskillet that hold heat ( ie cast iron )

cook bacon in skillet or heat cooking oil. Oil will spit when you drop water in it when hot enough. (My Grandma only used bacon fat, that was her frying oil of choice, It does add to the flavor of the chicken.)Salt and pepper your chicken to taste.
 When you oil is hot enough carefully place chicken in pan bottom side down.Cover and simmer on mediumish heat for 15 min

 Using TONGS turn chicken recover and continue to cook for 15 min more

 Check the meat if the meat has started to pull away from the leg bone raise the heat a little and cook uncovered, rearrange the meat according to the heat in your pan.If meat is not pulling away continue to cook covered on medium heat.

 After you uncover and raise the heat,turn every 7 minutes or so,cooking til meat is cooked through and skin is golden brown and crispy.
 Remove from pan and keep warm.Make you gravy using the pan drippings.
 Serve warm or cold. This makes the best cold picnic chicken.


    This with instant mashed potatoes and corn use to be my favorite Birthday Dinner. It is what I asked for  every year. My taste buds grew up and I no longer eat instant anything and most certainly not potatoes.
 Have a wonderful Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. My grandmother used bacon drippings for most things too. I think it was a hold over from the depression and need to waste nothing. You can't match that flavor and since, like you, I don't fry food often my attitude is why not? BTW that dog is about the cutest thing I have seen all day!

  2. I remember the special fat dish that always sat on her stove. She lived to be 98 and was healthy most her life. The dust mop is Getty and Domino the pretty boy looking right at me.