Monday, March 31, 2014

Recital and Crab Cakes

 Yes it is a red letter kind of day and a blog of few words, or many if you are the type to think a picture is worth a thousand words. I still need a lot of practice and work on taking pictures far away and moving but I did much better this year and have a few keepers among the clunkers. Madeline's cousin Mac was also in the recital and I got more then a few good ones of her. Much easier when they stay in on spot, not stand still as you will see but in one spot.

 Madeline danced to "I could have danced all night " from my fair lady. She is going to perform this dance one more time. I think at city hall but I am pretty vague on the details I just know she is dancing again. One proud grandmama here. Mac is so cute, she was the tiniest dancer in her group not to mention the happiest and liveliest. You just know her MomMom was proud too.

    " What Was Dinner "? I once again stepped out of my comfort zone and cooked seafood. 

I didn't eat it this time but I cooked it. Crab cake to be exact. once I had every thing mixed together I wasn't sure I would be able to touch the mixture to form the patties. It wasn't much different the ground beef to touch. I had always wanted to try making Crab Cakes to see how well I would do because I have seen experienced cooks make real messes while preparing and cooking these things. I have often seen kitchens filled with smoke or watched people politely tell the chef how good the burnt scrambled concoction on their plates was. A concoction that had no resemblance what so ever to a crab cake. So always loving a challenge I just had to give it a try. I found a recipe that looked interesting to me flavor wise and that had a step I had never seen done before and I thought yep this is the one and today is the day.
crab cakes
 Off to the kitchen I went and followed the recipe to the letter with great success everyone that ate a cake really enjoyed all the flavor and the texture. They looked like crab cakes smelled like crab cakes and I was told they tasted like crab cakes. Waiting until I found the recipe that sounded perfect to me payed off. That extra step adds 2 hours to the recipes time but I think it is how come the cakes came out as good as they did. 2 hours setting in the fridge after you make the patties,every thing else is done in under 30 minutes. I rated this recipe as high as I could rate it because it was beginner user friendly and good.

  Cheery Monday! Thank you for stopping by.  

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