Thursday, February 27, 2014

That's A Lot Of Birthdays

 All totaled we celebrated 195 birthdays in this house this month. For such a short month it sure is busy. Fun busy to be sure. Kind of makes us glad when March gets here and not because spring in getting closer either, we just need the rest. I know of a few birthdays in March thankfully none in my house.
   Yesterday was the last of the birthdays in this house. Last but you know not least. In my eyes the most important one. Bill's. We had his dinner party on Sunday which was a great deal of fun and one smart idea on my part. No set up or clean up just show up. I am a genius. Last night was just as easy I picked up raviolis and few other little treats at the store during the day and was ready to roll when Bill got home.
1 dozen Oysters not really hiding in the fridge

Not a single bite of chocolate in that bag, I just like reusing

 After he walked the dogs, loaded the wood pile, and finally sat down to relax I gave him his gifts. He smiled and even laughed a little at the cards. There wasn't much there really a 4 cup measuring cup because he was so bummed about the one that was chipped beyond using at my birthday dinner. An Oyster knife. That was all that was in the bag and I was sure the knife would give away the rest of his gift. Nope it didn't and normally by this time Bill has been in the fridge scrounging to see what there is to eat. I liked the surprised look on his face when I walked out carrying a extra large bowl of ice and 12 Oysters for him to shuck. I laughed just a little when after shucking and eating, well you don't exactly eat Oysters do you. You kind of slurp them really.

 Any way when he was done he looked at me and said next time get them shucked.
  The cake once again from Wegmans and so very very very good. Triple Chocolate Mousse cake. Not so rich to fill you up in one bite but 3 different layers of light fluffy chocolate.

  Dinner was as I said yesterday the sauce I made Monday but instead of spaghetti I opted for ravioli fresh made by yep you got it Wegmans. I love that store sometimes. I also served fresh made Italian crusty bread and a tossed salad. The sauce was even better last night. We all agreed it was top notch with a very nice flavor.

  "What Was Dinner"? Monday night we ate the chili. Very informal grab a bowl and serve yourself when your hungry. After cooking all those different recipes and cleaning up afterwards I didn't really want to serve and then clean up again. I like Chili on the first day the peppers and onion are still a little firm and chili itself is still a little thin, but I love Chili a day or 2 later when everything melds together all the flavors coming together to make a big fiesta in your mouth. Well there were no peppers in this recipe as well as onion. I added onion to be sure but I chose this recipe because it had no heat and was pretty straight forward  and easy to make, so I tried to follow the recipe as written therefor no peppers. I missed them. I also didn't add the tomato paste because Chili thickens up as it sits and I was making this with the intent it would sit. As the recipe says it has no heat and Mom ate it up loving all the beans and meat with no heat. Bill and I we heated ours up a bit and enjoyed away. I tasted it today as I was doing my photo shoot and like all good Chili's the flavors have blended together and it is delicious but I still miss the peppers, and seasonings I normally use in Chili.

    Not sure which picture I like better so I still haven't put a face to this recipe yet but rest assured I will.
mild mannered chili
  The recipe will get a good rating because it is exactly what the author said it would be a good mild mannered Chili.
  Have a lovely Thursday! Thank you for stopping by.

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