Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday & Sunday Dinner

 Today is my Birthday. I am as my husband likes to point out double nickels. I like that better then 55 just more creative sounding.
     Yesterday My husband hosted a 12 person Sunday dinner for me. I got to pick the menu, set the table and other then that I had nothing to do but relax and get hungry.
  I took pictures that is what I did, a lot of pictures. Not very many good ones but a lot of pictures. Candid people shots still evade me because some movement or another will cause a blur some where in the picture. I can't take posed portraits much better because unlike food human subjects are not as patient when you take 30 or so shots trying to get the perfect one. 

   I am going to be a little less wordy in this post and let the pictures show the day. I am using good and bad pictures alike because somehow it gives a more homey traditional feel to my dinner.
  Notice the computer on the counter?

 Yep that is correct Bill is using a recipe from He spent days looking for the one recipe that was going to WOW me. WOW me he did with Beef Burgundy over egg noodles, a spinach strawberry salad,& Brussels spouts with orange zest. Slurp!
Beef Burgundy
Well that seems to take care of "What Was Dinner"?
    The beautiful dishes on the table were my Grandma's china and as you see even when I pull out the special china my beloved Fiesta makes it to the table.

 Remember me saying I was setting the table, No I didn't have to do that. Madeline wanted to help so I showed her how to set the table and handed her the plates, salad plates, and silver ware one at a time and let her set the table. You would never know  5 year old set my table.

I got some very nice gifts this year but Madeline setting the table, memories for a life time the best gift ever.
   My cake made by my niece Rachael was cuter then cute and surprisingly fun. She packed exciting prizes like candy and sprinkles in the cupcakes.

    The chocolate covered fruit was real hit and Bill actually enjoyed making them. Madeline enjoyed eating them.

  A good time was had by all including me.

 Everyone went home full and with containers filled with goodies.
  My day ended in a cloud of cold white fluffiness as the snow came quietly down while we ate and enjoyed each others company. I don't think I could be more blessed.

   I hope your Monday was a good one. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Will Bill be joining the Allstars? It looks as if he would fit right in.