Monday, September 2, 2013

Goya & Beef a perfect match!

This month well the month of August was a busy happy month for me. For those of you that know me you already know I spent a week lazing about on a hill in the middle of a hay field in Schwenksville  Pa. Best week of the year for me. The Philadelphia Folk Fest one of the best vacation destination I know. Not only did I have that to look forward to I also had Augusts activities which were some of my favorite foods to prepare and eat. Beef "its what for dinner" & Goya. I am sure the pairing of products was somewhat random and unplanned but in my opinion it is a perfect pairing. I love Rice and Beans with a good grilled steak and I had the best Steak dinner that I have had in a good long while using recipes from Goya and the Cattleman's Association. I found the recipes on 
 At first I thought I may have pushed the limits as I prepared this dinner but in the end the combination of Greek and Latin worked out very very well.
  I made my own Greek seasoning and then went back and made more to store making a simple steak recipe even simpler. After I made the seasoning I added in the lemon zest and rubbed it evenly on my steak and let it set at room temperature for about 30 minutes before grilling. There were no leftovers and there was complete gnawing on the bone happening. I am saying you need to try this recipe. I am drooling as I type.
Grilled Greek Steak

  Pretty looking plate isn't it? Well it gets prettier when I add this recipe for rice and beans to the table. Again no leftovers and I saw a few people lick their plates.
Rice & Beans
A few days later Beef and Goya came together again to give us another plate licking good dinner. I have to say the recipes I chose to use were so easy and made me look like a chef in my own kitchen. Even picky eaters enjoyed the recipes I made in August. This time the recipe was Chili simple good and so filled with flavor.
Simply Sensational Chili
That is not all I gave a try this past month. This next recipe was real good and worked well with all fresh veggies instead of frozen ones. Also this recipe is very versatile you can change up the veggies with what ever is fresh at that time and it will be just as good, maybe better you never know. This is a good dish for warm weather or even camping chips, as well as fitting into many different diets.
Inside-Out Grilled steak
 I paired this with some Asian tofu dumplings and a sesame dipping sauce. We were happy happy campers that night.
I tried one more Goya recipe but it was gone before I could photo it. No worries I will make it again. An easy and quick bean soup that packs a walloping good taste. I put together my own Sazon seasoning and made a little extra for future use. I know just what I am using it for. SOUP.
Black Bean Soup
Sorry no picture next time for sure.
 I only did one faceless recipe during August but for me it was a big one and it turned out excellently making it a huge achievement for me. This year I have been teaching myself to can. I had tried Jam that came out so good. I came across a Bread and Butter pickle recipe with no picture and I gave it a whirl.
Bread and Butter Pickles
   We are more then happy with the results and now that September has come and it is harvest time I am itching to get started on even more new recipes and filling up my pantry with all my canned goodies.

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