Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It wasn't my favorite

Up till now I have enjoyed the Progresso recipe starters and recipes I have tried. Not last nights recipe. It was easy to prepare with only a few ingredients. A few of the ingredients are pricey in my neighborhood making a disappointing recipe even more disappointing.
 The free Progresso Recipe Starter products and the information about it were provided by Progresso through the Allstar Brand Ambassador Program. 
  I followed the recipe exactly as written even after reading a few reviews that said the recipe needed some tweaking. The recipe got a fairly high rating and I wanted to see for myself  how it would come out as written. It was dry and flavorless. Beyond bland. I was expecting a creamy noodle dish full of flavor and texture. This recipe just fell flat.
Tetrazzini Recipe

I made a very green very good salad to go with this dish. The salad was dinners highlight. It was filled with all kinds of goodness like spinach leaves and peas,cucumbers, tomatoes,and toasted pecans.All topped off with croutons and a delightful Mandarin Orange and Ginger dressing.

 I gave the salad a 5 but when I rated the recipe I felt it deserved no more then a 3.
  This one so so dish won't stop me from trying more of the progresso recipes and recipe started. After all so far I have liked more then I didn't. 

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