Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/Back in the kitchen

      Well I am back in the kitchen and loving it.
I am a day behind on everything else except dinner. Bill made dinner for us on Monday night. A very good dinner of pulled pork made from BBQ ribs served with bread and tomatoes with blue cheese. On Wednesday I spent my entire day in the kitchen cooking up a storm, working on putting faces on recipes, and on Tuesday I made a dish I haven't had in years and as soon as I saw a picture of it I knew I had been craving it for like forever. 
  The recipe I used was not the traditional Hungarian Goulash but it was close enough to satisfy me. In fact it was extremely tasty. Very easy to make with only a little clean up in the end. 
 There is tomato,bell pepper and onion in this dish along with the pasta shells and ground beef so I served this one ala cart.It was more then filling and had all the food groups covered so really nothing else was needed.
 Lynn Socko is a friend and fellow foodie,it is her recipe that I used. Here is the link to the recipe.
Lynn's Sweet & Savory Goulash
  The hardest part of making this dinner was not standing over the pan with a spoon eating it all up right there at the stove. It was that good. The blend of spices and brown sugar worked perfectly making it just as Lynn named it sweet and savory. 

Lynn's sweet and savory goulash will be made again and again in this house, and is going in my book of favorite recipes that is for sure.
 I have a few of Lynn's recipes in that book, She is an awesome cook and a great recipe creator. You should check out a few of her recipes on Just a you won't be disappointed.