Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Fried Food Friday

A faceless recipe no more and the answer to the age old question "whats for dinner?" I normally don't cook or eat deep fried food but a faceless recipe caught my interest and I had to try it. The recipe yielded so much batter that it had me looking for things to dip and fry. I even tried a Brussels sprout. That was just so so. The batter however was very good and stuck to everything I fried with it.
Jim's Beer Battered Portobello Mushrooms
 After deep frying every mushroom in the house I was still having too much fun to stop to frying. I pulled out the broccoli and went to town with that until I ran out of batter. Batter spotted and satisfied I looked around my very messed up kitchen and realized I still needed to make dinner. That was easy enough I took the chicken breast I had taken out earlier in the day to defrost and I sliced it into tenders breaded it and you guessed it I fried it. I put the chicken on a plate with all my other fried goodies and called it dinner
  Fried food Friday. Certainly not healthy but so much fun and perfect for a Friday night.

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