Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dinner In The Summer Time 07/03/2012

 Happy 4th of July everyone. Later today I will be spending this beautiful day poolside with Bill's family enjoying sunshine,good company, and lots of good food. That for me is the very best way to stay out of the kitchen.
 Yesterday I spent more time in the kitchen making my lunch then I spent in there making dinner. I used a crock pot, pork shoulder,apples,applesauce,and a red onion to make an incredible dinner. I went looking for a recipe for the crock pot and my pork and found pages upon pages of recipes. What sold me on the recipe I picked was # 1 it was faceless and I always like finding a good faceless recipe to put a face to.#2 even though Bill hates applesauce I couldn't ignore the voice in my head that sounded just like Bobby from the Brady Bunch saying "pork chops and applesauce" over and over again. If you watched that show as faithfully as I did you know exactly what episode I am talking about.

   I spent exactly 10 minutes in the kitchen around  mid morning putting all my ingredients in the crock pot, other then lowering  the temperature later in the afternoon I didn't think about dinner again until it was time to make my rice and beans. I steamed green beans that I picked earlier in the day and I used a boxed saffron rice that needed no more effort then putting water in the pan. The sauce in the pork makes itself as it cooks so other then spooning the sauce over the meat there is nothing to do but eat and enjoy.
  I followed the recipe almost as written. I cut the recipe in half, shortened the cooking time, and lowered the heat part way through the cooking time.
You can see from the pictures just how tender and juicy the meat was, well the flavor was just as awesome. My applesauce hating husband enjoyed seconds. A big bang dinner that kept me out of the kitchen.

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