Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/27/2012

Last night I used one of the recipes I have pinned to my want to try board in pinterest.I am so glad I finally got around to it. 
 Dinner was so good last night. I am not sure but I think I actually heard Bill slurp (drool?) when he took his first bite. I made chicken breast in foil with no butter and fresh grated ginger. That was very good and incredibly juicy for breast, but not the new recipe. Cauliflower gratin was my new recipe last night and it was BANGING.
 I cut the recipe in half for portioning and used low fat everything to help keep it light.You absolutely could not tell that I used fat free and low fat it still was rich and creamy and oh so satisfying. Move over potato cauliflower is coming in.
  I like finding new ways to make cauliflower and I like it even more when it taste as good as this dish did. For me this recipe is a keeper.


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