Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/22/2012

At last something new on my dinner table.I got home late yesterday and had to send Bill to the produce stand across the road for potatoes to do it,but I made my new dish of the day.
 This is a recipe I got out of one of my grandma's cook books. A book this time not a pamphlet and I believe her go to book when she was a young bride.I would know it was Grandma's book with out being told because the book is covered in contact paper and my Grandma was the Queen of contact paper.

I have to be careful turning the pages they are so fragile even the contact paper is starting to crack and crumble.
  I had seen the recipe I used last night when I spent the day reading cook books. This is one of the recipes I had been debating if it would be considered new or not because well it doesn't sound new. The title is Potato "Salad". I have never made or had potato salad made like this and when I read the recipe to Bill then told him the name of the recipe his reaction was enough for me.The debate was over and I was in the kitchen making potato salad at 6:30 PM. We ate by 7:15 PM so not a difficult salad to put together with little to no cooling time required. 
                "Potato Salad"
                    1 small head of lettuce shredded
                    1 tomato
                    1 medium sized onion
                    1/2 cucumber
                   2 cups cooked cubed potatoes
                    1/2 pound bacon squares
  Place the shredded lettuce,tomato,onion,cucumber into a and add salt. Fry out the bacon squares until crisp,then add potatoes and stir till heat through, but do not fry. Add to the vegetables. Take one-quarter cup cider vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar and mix well. Pour this over the salad.

 That is exactly how the recipe reads. This is how I actually made it. I didn't change any ingredients I only changed a little in the method.
   I chopped all the vegetables into a ruff chop before adding them to the bowl.while my potatoes where cooking I cooked the bacon(1/4 lb) as well. When the bacon was crisp I removed it from the pan and set both the pan and bacon a side.When the potatoes where done I drained and let set for a minute or 2 in the strainer. While the potatoes where setting I heated up the bacon drippings in the pan. Once the pan was nice and hot I whisked in the sugar and cooked it till smooth I then added the vinegar.(be very careful adding the vinegar)I whisked until well mixed and then tossed in the potatoes making sure all the potatoes where well coated. I crumbled the bacon and added it to the salad bowl along with the potato mixture. Tossed everything together and served.
I will be making this again and again. With 1 little change. Before shaking pepper into the salad bowl I will look to make sure the shaker lid is indeed attached to the pepper jar. Thankfully I was able to get most of the pepper out,still our salad was a bit peppery last night.
  This salad was so good and so easy with very little clean up. 

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