Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/18/2012

Moroccan Kefta meat balls that was what was new on the table last night. An interesting recipe beginning to end. 
 The ingredients looked so pretty in the bowl that I had to take a picture of them.
The spices that get added to this dish have so much flavor going on and an aroma designed to drive a sane man crazy.I only followed the recipe up to the point of using the Tajin pot. I don't have one and actually had to look it up to figure out exactly what a Tajin was. I finished the cooking time in the skillet I started with. The juices that are released from the meat when cooking is bright,colorful, and scary.This greasy looking lava is suppose to cook into a thick sauce to serve with the meat.
I did not do the eggs and I kind of regret that now, but at the time I wasn't to sure I would like eggs cooked in that mess.I made Couscous for the bed my meat balls would get served on. The mint and flavor of the meat sauce was a perfect match with the couscous.
The recipe was difficult to read because of the wording but worth the effort.
 If you enjoy foods with exotic flavors and spices you should really give this dish a try.The greasy looking lava does indeed thicken up into a wonderful gravy that helps turn this dish into a rich experience of flavor. If you do try the recipe follow through all the way to the eggs I have a feeling I left out the finishing touch to the dish. 

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