Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Was Dinner 06/08/2012

What was dinner that is a good question. I have no idea what to call it. Pasta and vegetables mixed in a pan.I didn't even take a picture.
 I was in a mood last night and well it wasn't a good one.So throwing something in a pan and getting dinner over with was my main goal. Lucky for us it worked and dinner was very good. 
In my cast iron skillet I started by browning spicy Italian sausage and slicing the links into bite size pieces, I threw the meat back in the pan with finely diced carrots and green onion the over ripe tomatoes I gave a ruff chop and threw them in. I let that all cook together uncovered and started the pasta water.When the spaghetti was done I threw it in the pan with the vegetables and mixed it all up. Removed it from the heat yelled come and get. It was serve yourself and enjoy. We both helped ourselves to seconds and there was enough left over for Bills favorite breakfast, cold day old spaghetti and vegetables.
   One thing did bring a little smile to my lips last night, that was the look on Bills face when I offered up dinner with out a camera in my hand. 

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