Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Was Dinner 06/06/2012

It was a nice easy day at work yesterday and a nice easy evening at home.Dinner took about 5 minutes to prep and an hour or so in the oven. 
  Dinner was effortless and you might even call it a plain Jane meal,but it was very exciting to me on a few levels.
  It worked that was the most exciting. I have been steaming the chicken with a foil pack lately as you may have read already,well tonight I decided to put my entire dinner in the foil pack. I wasn't sure if my vegetables would turn to mush or not,still I had to try. I put a large potato cut in half in and Brussels sprouts,as well as an onion quartered. I used my normal seasoning adding fennel seed and paprika for a little color and topped that off with a quarter stick of butter. Sealed it tight put the foil pack on a backing pan put it into a 425 oven closed the door and went and played in the garden with Bill.
  A little over an hour later I opened the foil pack with fingers crossed to find a beautiful dinner just waiting for us.The potatoes and Brussels sprouts were just right, tender not mushy and pretty to look at.The meat as always perfectly done right to the bone.
Either it was cooking in a foil pack or I am getting better at it,but dinner was per portioned absolutely correct.I had been noticing lately that there have been very little leftovers,but last night I was right on the money.For me the queen of over sized serving this is exciting.
 When I plated dinner up I did not need to add any seasoning or butter I used the juices in the foil and that was all that was needed. When you hear steamed anything the normal response or thought is bland. Not so! there was nothing bland about this dinner.In fact I am itching to find out what else I can steam into heavenly goodness.

 Every thing on our plate was delicious, the most impressive was how good the Brussels sprouts turned out cooked like this.It is always good when I find a new way to cook Brussels sprouts.

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