Sunday, May 6, 2012

What Was Dinner 05/04/2012

Sorry to be so late with this post. I ate and drank more then needed and slept before I got to blogging on the 4th and worked and felt no desire to write on the 5th so here I am on the 6th catching up.....
    For dinner on the 4ht I made one of my favorite dishes. I call it unbreaded fried chicken. Yummy so good,I say I learned from my Grandma how to make chicken this way but others don't agree with me.Any way tonight I changed it up ever so slightly I soaked the chicken in spiced rum and made a gravy using the left over rum. I love frying my chicken using this method. It brings true meaning to the statement finger licking good.
   The skin is crispy and full of flavor and the meat is juicy and so very tender.As I said you can't help licking your fingers and smacking your lips it taste so good.
      Along with the chicken I served  my Thai Pasta Salad. I discovered this recipe on the back of a bottle of  "Bangkok Padang"peanut sauce  
  I have changed this recipe up here and there to suit my needs, like tonight I used elbow macaroni because that is what I had on hand. Also I added feta Cheese thinking it would match nicely with the onion,pepper and cucumber in the salad. No not so much.I make this salad a lot during the summer months and I will be leaving out the feta cheese.
  I was wanting corn on the cob and sliced fresh tomatoes with this dinner but that was not available so I added cottage cheese topped with toasted sesame seeds and called it complete.
                       The end result was our plates wiped clean and no left overs!!!!

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