Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Nailed It!!

Once again I have made an attempt to cook seafood for my darling husband.In an effort to help him eat lighter and healthier I have been trying to learn the art of cooking seafood.
  I chose a recipe from that looked real good in the picture and after reading the directions sounded like something I could handle. I have learned that I need to keep it simple and basic for now and to always use a recipe or some sort of directions. I tried once just once to wing it on my own I won't do that again any time soon.
 The dish was titled Seared Scallops with a Pineapple Ginger and Lemongrass Salsa. As I said the picture is mouth watering good and it looks simple enough that even a novice like me can do it.
  The first step is to make the salsa, which in my opinion is what makes this recipe go from average to real impressive.The salsa is a delightful blend of pineapple and ginger and lemon grass mixed with honey and herbs.Very tasty and the aroma as you put this salsa together is heavenly.After you make your salsa you pre prep you vegetable you set it all a side and start your scallops.
  I had so much fun and felt so confident making this recipe. Most of the other recipes I have tried are good and I will try them again it is just that they have so much going on at one time that if you don't know what your doing(as we know I don't) you can easily under or over cook your seafood,effectively ruining a good and expensive dish.Not so with this recipe, with this recipe I have time to do each step and then in the end concentrate my full attention on searing my scallops.
  I am not a seafood eater so the clear exact step by step cooking instruction of this recipe made it possible that I.........
  Served my husband a dinner plate that looked like something you would see coming out of a professional chefs kitchen.I felt so proud handing Bill his dinner I just knew it was going to taste as good as it looked.
  Bill ate in silence well if you call lip smacking and moaning silence.When he finishes he looks kind of like the cat that ate the canary.
  I had the salsa and peas with my chicken so I knew just how good they were. The salsa is a great blend of flavors that I see many uses for.So ever so slightly holding my breath I waited for my seafood lover to give his final say on my scallop cooking. When I heard words like .....toasty,delightful and cooked exactly right I absolutely purred with pleasure and pride. I had indeed NAILED IT!
 As I sit here writing this I know it is time to move on to a new seafood to focus on because much to my amusement I over heard my sea food loving man say he was getting tired of scallops 

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  1. Sounds like you did it right!! I couldn't get my DH to eat any kind of seafood except VanDe Kamps or Gortons...glad your man likes it!!